Brian DaValt

The Hovel on Reflection Lake

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Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Kaunas


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Su autoriaus autografu.Daugiau mano knygų rasite :ČIU LIETUVOS PAŠTU. -----1991----SEĮ------KAMB------

Santrauka: The Hovel on Reflection Lake is about life in Wisconsin as seen through the eyes of Kim Watters, an idealistic young woman who relocates to the north woods in order to pursue the art of wooden boat-building after walking away from her fast-paced computer-driven life. She takes refuge in an ancient, ramshackle manor which her friends soon nickname The Hovel, where she will attempt to reconnect with nature, family and friends. Only time will tell if Kim has enough perseverence, humor and iodine to overcome themany trials and tribulations of this beautiful, yet at times harsh, environment. Though friends and family are more than willing to offer their support during these challenging times, nightfall quickly disperses any attempts at bravado, and generally finds Kim as abandoned as theeerie Hovel itself.